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Ayush Party

Alligator Pinata

Alligator Pinata

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Make your parties or those of your children even more colourful, fun, exciting & thus an unforgettable day with this fantastic birthday pinata! Simply open at the indicated point and fill with sweets, confetti, chocolate duplicates, small gadgets, toys or other treats.
Classically, the birthday boy (or bachelor) is then blindfolded and given a stick to beat wildly with in the hope of hitting the pinata. This is usually done to the guffaws of the celebrating guests.
A common alternative is for children or party guests to take turns being allowed 1-3 hits (always after spinning in circles 3-4 times with eye masks on) and this until one has successfully smashed the pinata and "freed" the contents. The more loaded the pinata, the easier it is to smash.


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